40 Liter Organic Waste Cart

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  • Capacity: 10.5 - Gallons
  • Assembled Weight: 7.6 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 1,248
  • Designed for organic kitchen waste or
  • Constructed of high quality, resilient UV-stabilized
    HDPE resin
  • Ergonomically designed rotating handle for
    easy rolling and storing
  • Extended handle gripping height is 31″ (78.7
  • Large smooth areas on side panels for logos
    and slogans
  • Multiple grab points ease handling and
    speed up collection
  • Snap-lock hinged lid keeps contents in and
    pests out
  • Lid locks open for dumping
  • Highly nestable to reduce shipping costs;
    Nest stops prevent sticking when stacked
  • Ships fully assembled with lid, handle, axel,
    and wheels
  • Colors: Choice of standard or optional
    colors if color match required
  • Handle and container may be matching or
    contrasting in colors
  • Decoration: Hot-stamp branded logos and
    serial numbers; Multi-color heat transfer
    labels and molded-in logos also available
  • Tracking: Coditherm printed bar code labels
    or RFID tags available
Available Sizes External Dimensions
35 Gallon EnviroGuard Roll Out Cart
35 Gallon EnviroGuard ROC with Lid Lock
95 Gallon EnviroGuard ROC with Gravity Lock
100 Liter EnviroGuard ROC
100 Liter EnviroGuard Euro ROC with Lid Lock
100 Liter EnviroGuard Euro ROC