43 x 37 Standard Duty Pallet

48 x 37 Standard Duty Pallet
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  • External Dimensions: 43.0in L x 37.0in W x 6.0in H
  • Fork Pocket Width: 28.5 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Width: 10.2 - in
  • Fork Pocket Length: 28.5 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Length: 10.2 - in
  • Fork Pocket Height: 3.5 - in
  • Weight: 37.0 - LBS
  • Maximum Edge Rackable Load: 2,250 - LBS
  • Static Load Rating: 30,000 - LBS
  • Dynamic Load Rating: 4,000 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 660
  • The design of the pallet includes a mixture of complex geometric shapes and varying wall thickness at critical load-bearing and wear points which produces a longer life cycle and a superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • The high pressure injection molding production process allows for precise tolerances to be met on every pallet which assures consistent product quality
  • An engineered, co-polymer polypropylene (PP) material blend is used to produce the pallet which balances durability with rigidity requirements to ensure maximum performance
  • Proprietary Snap-Lock™ design feature reduces damage from pallet jacks and other material handling equipment
  • Tapered bottom edges on all four sides of the pallet allows for easy four-way entry and exit by automation and material handling equipment
  • Full picture frame and cruciform bottom supports full edge racking and ensures the pallet works smoothly with conveying and automated pallet handling equipment
  • Roughened top deck of the pallet helps reduce case slippage and enhance load stability
  • Colors: Standard, Customized, Non-Heavy Metal (NHM) and FDA Approved Colors
  • Decoration: Single-Color, Multi-Color and
    Molded-In Branding
  • Top Deck Surface: Light, Heavy or No Scuffing
  • Perimeter Lip: Corner-Edge Lips
  • Applied Technology: Bar Code, RFID and
    Proximity Marketing (NFC/QR Code) Enablement
  • Material: UL® Listed Flame Retardant Resin Available
Available Sizes External Dimensions
48 x 36 Standard Duty Pallet
48 x 36 Standard Duty Pallet

External Dimensions: 48.0in L x 36.0in W x 6.0in H

37 x 37 Standard Duty Pallet (PP)
37 x 37 Standard Duty Pallet (PP)

External Dimensions: 37in L x 37in W x 6.0in H