48 x 40 GMA 228 NHFR

48 x 40 GMA 224 NHFR
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  • External Dimensions: 48.0in L x 40.0in W x 5.63in H
  • Fork Pocket Width: 30 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Width: 12.5 - in
  • Fork Pocket Length: 33 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Length: 14 - in
  • Fork Pocket Height: 3.45 - in
  • Weight: 48.5 - LBS
  • 2” Edge Rack Load Rating: 2,800 - LBS
  • Static Load Rating: 8,400 - LBS
  • Dynamic Load Rating: 5,000 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 570
  • Manufactured from HDPE using high pressure
    injection molding creating superior strength
  • Metal reinforcements provide superior edge
    racking capabilities and excellent impact
  • HDPE material is ideal for cold and frozen
    environments when breakage with PP pallets is
    a concern
  • Pallet meets the GMA pallet height spec of 5.6″
    high, allowing more pallets and product per
    truckload and pallet positions
  • Deck and base components are welded
    for additional strength and long-term rust
  • Designed with large fork opening to minimize
    damage and provide excellent impact resistance
  • Non-cruciform bottom structure reduces pallet
    jack damage and reduces total plastic weight
  • Two-piece snap lock design allows for quick and
    easy repair
  • Ergonomic handles eliminate dangerous and
    awkward pallet handling
  • Molded-in top deck texture reduces case
  • Pallet is 100% recyclable
  • Colors: Wide variety of colors available
  • Decoration: Can be hot stamped with your
    company’s logo for added inventory control and
    brand awareness; Multi-color logos optional
  • RFID-enabled technology and barcodes available
    for asset tracking, visibility, and retention via
    Rehrig’s RVision software
  • Optional perimeter lip available for added load
    stability and better alignment when stored
  • Optional grommets available for added product
    slip resistance
  • FM Certification available for class 4996
Available Sizes External Dimensions
48 x 40 GMA 224 NHFR
48 x 40 GMA 224 NHFR

External Dimensions: 48.0in L x 40.0in W x 5.63in H

48 x 40 GMA 224 NHFR
48 x 40 GMA 232 NHFR

External Dimensions: 48.0in L x 40.0in W x 5.6in H