48 x 48 Standard Duty Pallet

48 x 48 Standard Duty Pallet
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  • External Dimensions: 48.0in L x 48.0in W x 6.0in H
  • Fork Pocket Width: 30.1 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Width: 10.1 - in
  • Fork Pocket Length: 30.1 - in
  • Individual Fork Pocket Length: 10.1 - in
  • Fork Pocket Height: 4.1 - in
  • Weight: 70.2 - LBS
  • Edge Rack Capability: 2000 - LBS
  • Static Load Rating: 30,000 - LBS
  • Dynamic Load Rating: 4,000 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 468
  • High-pressure injection molded using a proprietary blend of high density polyethylene and co-polymer polypropylene for superior durability, impact resistance, and performance
  • Pallets do no absorb moisture or bacteria and their appearance is more attractive for retail applications than wooden pallets
  • Tapered bottom edges on all sides allow easy four-way entry and exit for pallet jacks and fork lifts
  • Full picture frame and cruciform bottom work smoothly with automated pallet handling equipment
  • Absence of any metal fasteners and splinters means no parts that can protrude and damage products or cause injury
  • Rugged and lightweight, they are easier to handle than comparable wood or other plastic pallets
  • 2-piece,Snap-Lock™ allows for quick and easy repair while reducing damage from pallet jacks thus offering substantially longer life
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Available in black only Hot-stamped logos available for customer specific branding on all four sides
  • Perimeter lip available to help secure and protect product against damage and unnecessary replacement costs
  • RFID, GPS, and barcode technology available for asset tracking, visibility, and retention via
    Rehrig’s RVision software