Dumpster Mate

Rehrig Pacific is the exclusive provider of plastic commercial containers for the innovative Dumpster Mate Enclosure System. This alliance of premier industry providers enables haulers to offer a cost effective, superior enclosure solution to their customers with increased driver safety and pickup productivity compared to other enclosures. Dumpster Mate provides a new revenue stream for haulers through a chargeable monthly equipment lease to their customers and offers competitive advantages when renewing existing service agreements and signing new accounts.

With the Dumpster Mate System, drivers no longer have to leave their trucks to open doors or manipulate heavy metal dumpsters. Pickup time is reduced by several minutes allowing more pickups per driver per day. Dumpster Mate truly meets the enclosure needs of haulers, property owners and users alike.

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  • Diameter: 1 - in
  • Fork Lift Clearance: 9 - in
  • Internal Stack Height – Middle Position: 10 - in
  • Weight (R): 11 - LBS
  • Weight (NR): 12 - LBS
  • Maximum Edge Rackable Load: 2 - LBS
  • Maximum Edge Rackable Load (NR): 3 - LBS
  • Maximum Edge: 4 - LBS
  • Rackable Load: 5 - LBS
  • Edge Load Rating: 6 - LBS
  • Static Load Rating (NR): 7 - LBS
  • Dynamic Load Rating (NR): 8 - LBS
  • Modular design provides ultimate flexibility
  • 12′ × 12′ standard footprint expands in 3′ increments
  • Works with existing or standard pads
  • Saloon-style doors allow access without driver assistance
  • Made with durable, impact resistant polyethylene resin
  • 100% recyclable — reduces carbon footprint
  • Resistant to UV rays, saltwater and other chemicals
  • Custom color combinations and graphics options
  • Improved driver safety — eliminates need to exit vehicle
  • Increased productivity — quicker pick-ups means more stops per day
  • Enhanced branding — supports marketing efforts
  • Easy assembly — installs in just a few hours
  • Low maintenance — no refurbishing or repainting required
  • Reusable — can be moved from one location to another
  • Protects dumpsters reducing costly repairs and maintenance
  • Affordable — lease options available
  • 3-year warranty