Fusion Beer Delivery Sled

Fusion Beer Delivery Sled
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  • External Dimensions: 48.5in L x 23.5in W x 54in H
  • Weight: 240 - LBS
  • Load Rating: 1,000 - LBS
  • Zero turn radius about load wheels
  • Hydraulic Foot Pump Lift System
  • Dual precision ball bearing 5” casters for
    maximum maneuverability
  • Durable wheel tread for traversing over the full
    range of environments from trailer to store
  • Elastic wheel tread designed to avoid damaging
    or marking store floors
  • 4” load wheels for navigating over doorway
  • 2” front rollers on the leading edge of the fork
    tines for ramp accessibility
  • Integrated Hand Braking System for slowing
    down and fully stopping during the delivery
  • Parking Brake System to keep the unit stationary
    when not in use
  • E-Track System with multiple load restraint
    positions to match varying pallet load heights
  • Anti-Slip feature to prevent pallets from sliding
    off the fork tines
    • Ergonomic Handle Bars
  • Accessory Tray for auxiliary delivery equipment
  • Compatible with RD Beer Pallet
  • Customized Color and Branding
Available Sizes External Dimensions
Product image of Fusion GS Merchandiser Sled
Fusion GS Merchandiser Sled

External Dimensions: 44in L x 22in W x 46in H