Lidded Field Crate

Lidded Field Crate
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  • External Dimensions: 24.0in L x 16.0in W x 13.0in H
  • Internal Dimensions: 21.0in L x 12.8in W x 12.5in H
  • Stack Increment: 2.7 - in
  • Weight: 6.90 - LBS
  • 53’ Trailer Quantity: 3,750
  • Durable field crate with impact resistant HDPE resin
  • Smooth interior protects fragile produce
  • Eliminates wire-bound wood injuries
  • Detachable lid neatly nests for efficient storage
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Lid hinge action maximizes pack-out and icing capabilities
  • Stacks easily and quickly
  • Excellent ventilation for cooling and processing
  • Material: FDA approved food grade HDPE provides the strength and durability needed for multiple applications
  • Color: Available in FDA approved non-heavy metal (NHM) colors. Metal detectable colors are available for compatibility with metal part detection systems
  • Decoration: Multiple customer specific decoration combinations possible with hot stamp locations on the lid and long wall Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags