Specifications IN/LB CM/KG
Length (L) 46.5 118
Width (W) 31.5 80
Height with 4 Casters (H) 44.7 114
Height with 6 Casters 45.7 116
Caster Height 6.0 15
Assembled Weight with 4 Casters 117 53
Assembled Weight with 6 Casters 128 58
Load Rating 750 340
Stack Quantity/Height 5 / 94"
53' Trailer Packout Without Lids 210
53' Trailer Packout With Lids 170
Buffed Out Branding Area WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Branding Area (B) 24 18

Benefits & Features

  • Compatible with standard semi-automated tippers to reduce service time vs. smaller SA containers in multi-bin stops
  • Rated for 750 lbs., which SA may exceed tipper specifications
  • Molded-in caster rings with quick-release casters prevent “pop-throughs”, mitigate leaking and see page, and allow for quick in-field caster/ skid changes
  • Minimum 0.25″ thick solid resin wall stock to enhance long-term durability, reduce potential for wall and enclosure damage, and minimize ongoing maintenance
  • Easy in-field graffiti removal
  • Nestable, even when fully assembled, for shipping, storage, deliveries, and removals
  • Compatible with ANSI Type B Container specifications to reduce potential for injury and in-hopper container loss
  • Versatile and beneficial in numerous applications, with options ranging from lids to push/pull handles
  • Buffed-Out 18”x24” Sticker Panel ensures company brand stays in front of customer
  • 31.5” width accommodates narrow door frames of older buildings for trash room and valet collection
  • Customer-Friendly – Quieter collection vs. metal containers, increasing customer satisfaction
  • SA compatibility enables safer collection vs. manual tipping, reducing potential for workers comp