Industrial Container Tracking is your eyes and ears of roll-off operations, allowing you to know exactly where everything is, so you can manage everything exactly as it’s needed.

How it Works

  • Customer Services receives a call from a business owner requesting container service.
  • Order goes directly into Industrial Container Tracking or via back office system API.
  • Dispatch assesses current inventory by size, type, location and condition, then prioritizes work and sends to mobile users (drivers).
  • Driver receives sequenced work orders, notifications of hot tickets, and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Dispatch is able to observe real-time driver positioning, container location and work order status (ex: container delivered, container swapped, etc.).

App Details

The greatest challenge facing our customers with industrial containers is optimizing their inventory due to lack of visibility of their assets, and therefore not getting the maximum utilization and revenue from those assets.

Rehrig Pacific’s Industrial Container app manages all asset transactions through a mobile application (accessed from any iOS or Android device). The app encompasses inventory monitoring of all asset types and can display “inactive” assets. Also included is a complete Dispatch feature which allows for route creation, dynamic real-time dispatching, and an interactive mapping layer.

The driver experience includes optimized turn-by-turn directions and real-time completion of work orders in the field. The app automates the process for assigning assets to billable accounts, adjusting inventory availability, assigning asset GPS locations, and tracking asset status. Desktop users have access to all standard reports as well as customizable dashboards/widgets with notification alerts.