Big Data Analytics is a new reporting feature designed to give our customers an interactive view into their collection, work order, and inventory data.

Each report has the ability to drill down into specific data sets with just a few clicks to display the information most valuable to your waste and recycling management programs.



The reports in the collections folder aggregates your cart tip information to report on participation, set out-rates, and exception observations. These reports are helpful to identify your residents or customers participating in recycling, and target ones that need more recycling education.

Reports include:

  • Collection Metrics
  • Historical Participation Percentage
  • Historical Participation Percentage by Route
  • Historical Set-Out Percentage
  • Observation by Home Address


View your float of containers in the field and in inventory, and adjusted inventory based on open work orders. Locate potential lost or stolen assets by adjusting the distance threshold in the ‘Assets by Distance Moved’ report. For roll-off inventory, manage your last serviced location and container sizes for increased asset utilization.

Reports include:

  • Adjusted Inventory
  • Asset History
  • Assets by Distance Moved
  • Industrial Container Metrics

Work Order

Utilizing Closed and Open Work Order reports, monitor your productivity and plan your upcoming work orders to maintain your service level standards.

Reports include:

  • Closed Work Order Metrics
  • Open Work Order Metrics


Truck Metrics shows your total tips by truck and measures against your average weekly tips.  View your total truck run time, service time, and windshield time. Use this report to make decisions on route balance, truck usage, and check in on the health of your RFID readers.

Reports include:

  • Truck Metrics