Service Verification empowers your team to understand customers’ behaviors, like detailed set-out rates by city, street, or residence. And, support the necessary actions to most effectively promote the community’s needs.

How it Works

  • An RFID reader, easily installed on all collection vehicles, is used to scan RFID-enabled containers and capture container details, account information, and GPS locations of vehicles and containers.
  • This solution must encompass a full work order and inventory system in order to maintain an accurate database.
  • All data is automatically imported into the Service Verification app.
  • Dispatch accesses Service Verification to verify container pickup, historical participation, and truck and route metrics.
  • From there, Dispatch can verify collection for a customer using Map Center or Manage Accounts.
    • Observe customizable options such as whether the cart was set out, if the load was oversized, etc.
    • Send monthly participation to county.
    • Evaluate route and tip metrics to optimize route workload.

Benefits of Rehrig Pacific RFID Hardware

  • Decreased installation time and costs
    – Less cabling and components promote ease of installation within 2 to 4 hours (3-4 All-in-One system to every 1 traditional system)
    – Can be installed by your own personnel to save costs
    – Systems can easily be swapped from truck to truck
    – Expedites troubleshooting process and minimizes downtime
    – Does not require technician to visit site to troubleshoot
  • Automated Real-Time Data Delivery
    – Requires no driver interaction to deliver valuable data for reporting
    – Option for Observation Panel allows the driver to capture exceptions
    at stops such as no container out, overflow, and contamination


Our Customer’s Commitment

  • Maintain accurate database
  • Dedicate required resources to effectively manage program
  • Understand how RFID works and how the data can be used
  • Provide necessary maintenance and care of hardware

Rehrig Pacific’s Commitment

  • Provide hardware that is not only robust, but also simple and easy to both use and maintain
  • Provide excellent customer service and support any challenges customer faces
  • Present data and reports in a meaningful and easy-to-digest manner

App Details

We at Rehrig Pacific have created a simplistic approach, with minimal human interaction, to successfully track your assets and verify service completion. Our systems, although simplistic in nature, offer a solid platform to build an accurate database and actively maintain it through its sophisticated hardware and software. We are confident that Rehrig’s technology offering will allow our customers the ability to achieve its goals by implementing a program designed to promote better visibility of container assets and track service verification. Additionally, customers will realize increased operational efficiency, landfill diversion and recycling participation.

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID hardware and software can be installed on any type of collection truck available, including: commercial front and rear load, Currotto cans, semi-automated rear load, semi-automated side load, and/or fully automated collection vehicles. These systems allow the vehicle to read RFID-enabled containers during collection and then communicate data in real time to our web-based software for reporting. Optional three-button Observation Panels can also provide an easy and simple way for drivers to capture additional vital data while on their route. The panel’s three buttons can be configured to record data to support your operations, e.g. “container blocked,” “container not out,” “extra tip,” etc. With RFID-enabled trucks and containers, it is easy to proactively track lost or stolen containers, determine residential or commercial participation/collection verification, and thus efficiently manage routes, collection programs and targeted education programs.