Rolling out with the old,
in with the new.


After discovering major discrepancies in billable households vs. households being serviced, as well as operational and systematic inefficiencies, the County of Garland, Arkansas utilized Rehrig Pacific’s Work Order + Inventory Solution to create an accurate billing database and efficient cart management program. After four months, our Work Order + Inventory Solution garnered Garland County a $76,985 net value, with $1,800,000 in net value predicted over 3 years.

  • $75,985 net value in four months after implementation
  • $1.8MM project savings after 3 years
  • 2.6 month breakeven time
  • Improved contractor accountability


Rehrig Pacific has been providing the County of Garland with waste carts for over twenty years. The county has 3 separate privatized hauling agreements, with each contractor running 5 days a week using 3 collections trucks. Garland County found that while 24,000 carts were being serviced, only 22,000 customers were being billed. Their manual reporting system was prone to human error and did not have an effective way to track their work order asset movement.


Rehrig Pacific performed a physical route audit in order to create an accurate billing database.

  • Tagged and scanned each cart to its associated address
  • Generated detailed list of accounts with multiple carts
  • Generated detailed list of non-paying accounts
  • Set up billing attempts with all non-paying accounts

We also implemented a fully integrated Work Order + Inventory management solution.

  • Generated and completed cart removals from all unsuccessful billing accounts
  • Automated Service Change Reports to contracted haulers
  • Utilized Vision® software to maintain data integrity during all swaps, removals and repairs
  • Automated inventory control including scrap/warranty management