Overhauling big pickups
with bigger solutions.


After initiating a new Bulky Item Pickup (BIP) system that would provide more flexible service to its residents, Salt Lake City utilized Rehrig Pacific’s Work Order + Inventory software to streamline their operations, create an accurate database and prevent unnecessary inefficiencies in their pickup system. After implementation, the city saw a 38% reduction in reported illegal dumping and increased the amount of work orders completed per day from 12-15 to 25 using the same number of trucks.

  • Optimized route efficiency
  • 2x number of work orders completed per day
  • Prevented contamination by giving the city visibility on the type of bulk item waste stream
  • 38% reduction in reported illegal dumping
  • Residents benefitted from convenience of scheduling collections
  • Protected natural water sources by keeping debris off of streets
  • Prevented unsightly items from littering neighborhoods


Salt Lake City’s old system for Bulky Item Pickup provided residents with one collection per year per route. When they adopted a new service that allowed residents to schedule one free large item pickup per year at their convenience, they needed the means with which to do it. Their new service replaced static weekly routes with daily dynamic routes, but they had no system in place that would allow them to dynamically route the stops in an efficient manner. Their only available method of tracking cart maintenance was through manual orders and spreadsheets, creating opportunity for human error and inefficiencies.


Rehrig Pacific implemented a Work Order + Inventory management solution.

  • Trained dispatch and drivers on Work Order + Inventory software
  • Created unique stream (trash or recycle) identifiers in the software for the type of item being collected
  • Allowed for photo documentation to attach to customer accounts which would track the number of BIP requests from one account

“After adopting Rehrig Pacific’s solution we saw immediate benefits, such as optimizing our fleet and giving us visibility to the types of streams being collected. Rehrig Pacific’s software is very user-friendly, which helped with a quick adoption and faster path to benefits for the city.”

–Cory Young, SLC Waste & Recycling Division Manager