Rehrig Pacific’s FM Approved Fire-Retardant Pallets Exceed Expectations in Rigorous Testing

Originally published on Packaging Revolution

Rehrig Pacific has announced the release of a new, highly durable, FM approved fire-retardant pallet, it reported in a press release. Virginia Tech University’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design put Rehrig Pacific’s new fire-retardant pallets through an exhaustive battery of tests designed to simulate real-world warehouse and supply chain conditions. Rehrig’s pallets survived as many as 200 cycles. The company stated that this durability accomplishment is a first for flame-retardant pallets on the market.

“This is just one more way we can serve Rehrig Pacific’s customers,” said Adam Gurga, National Manager of Rehrig’s Material Handling & Bulk Solutions group. “Distributors and manufacturers shouldn’t have to choose between durability and safety. From the beginning, we’ve designed our FM approved, fire retardant pallets to be strong, durable, and long-lasting so that Rehrig Pacific customers deliver the strongest long-term ROI possible for their supply chain operations.”

Rehrig Pacific’s pallets are non-halogenated fire retardant (NHFR), which sets them apart from much of their competition, it noted in the release. “It’s been a standard assumption in the industry that fire-retardant pallets are less durable than their counterparts without the FR designation, forcing suppliers and managers to choose between the short-term solution of wood and plastic’s sustainability, longevity, and safety. However, with Rehrig Pacific’s new NHFR technology, an FM approved fire-retardant option is now available that currently exceeds any other offerings for fire retardant pallets on the market.”

Virginia Tech University’s Center FasTrack testing program used ten of the new 48×40 NHFR GMA Series pallets and put them through a rigorous durability test, simulating handling in a warehouse environment. The results from these tests exceeded those of competitors and highlighted the superior engineering behind Rehrig products.