Salesforce IoT Explorer Lowers Barrier to IoT with Low-Code Interface, Proactive Data

Originally published on TechRepublic

Originally published October 10, 2017

On Tuesday, Salesforce unveiled Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition, a new platform that aims to remove the barriers for companies of all sizes to take advantage of the internet of things (IoT) and sensor data..

Essentially, IoT Explorer Edition allows business users to capture sensor data and use it to trigger specific actions in the sales pipeline. And, it helps businesses overcome certain challenges relative to cost, available talent, and time that could be limiting their efforts, a press release said.

One of the key features of the platform is low-code orchestration. This type of interface will allow business users to easily set rules governing the automation of connected devices that will initiate an action based on the data they receive, the release said. One example given by Salesforce was that of a solar energy company that has its sensors automatically start a service call if power levels drop under a certain threshold.

The platform also provides customer context as well, the release noted. For the aforementioned example, IoT Explorer Edition could let the service tech know how many failures this particular system has suffered. Or, it could let them know if the system is approaching end-of-life, prompting a potentially proactive sales opportunity, the release said.

Using data proactively is a big selling point for Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition. The press release describes the feature as the ability “to sell, service, and market in a way that sees around corners.”

The product has launched with partner customers Emerson Climate Technologies, Schneider Electric, Lippert Components, and Rehrig Pacific—some of which are already using the platform for proactive sales and service.

IoT has the potential to bring much-needed data and context to many fields, but especially sales and marketing. With IoT Explorer Edition, Salesforce is offering a low-risk solution for companies to explore IoT in a way that could directly impact their bottom line by boosting sales.