Rethink Supply Chain Sustainability with Plastic Pallets

Plastic might not always come to mind when you think of environmentally conscious products, but that is where Rehrig Pacific Company comes in, revolutionizing how the supply chain, plastics, and sustainability work together. From utilizing tough-to-recycle materials and finding ways to incorporate them into our products to ensuring our plastic pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of service life, we are bringing our partners one step closer to a zero-waste footprint.

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The Sustainability of Your Workforce

At our company, we not only prioritize sustainability in your operations, but also in your workforce. That’s why our innovative solutions and plastic products support employee sustainability by eliminating laborious tasks and outdated delivery methods. Our approach not only reduces harmful impacts on the planet, but also improves the well-being and longevity of your invaluable team members.

Our plastic pallets:

  • Increase safety by being up to 60% lighter than wood, with some industries experiencing 20% savings in their workman’s comp and medical bills after switching to plastic
  • Lessen warehouse cleanup by having no nails, wood chips, splinters, and additional wood parts after each shift
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the constant need to “tare” weights and reduces sorting time

Plastic vs. Wood Pallet Sustainability

Plastic Pallets Wood Pallets
The average lifespan of a Rehrig Pacific plastic pallet is five years with a 10-year margin Wood pallets have a shorter lifespan and typically break after just a few uses
Our plastic pallets have an easy-to-clean, flow-through design, making them safer Wood pallets are generally not cleanable and vulnerable to mildew, mold, and infestation
Rehrig Pacific’s pallets are made to be stackable, fitting more on a truck for fewer routes Wood pallets are not always stackable, making truckloads less efficient
Plastic pallets’ consistent dimensions reduce damage to pallet jacks and lifts Wood pallets’ inconsistencies can cause damage to expensive equipment
Rehrig Pacific’s services team will repair plastic pallets to extend their use Wood pallets are known to break easily and are then discarded in landfills
Our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable when no longer in use Wood pallets, while made from natural sources, do nothing to reduce landfill and ocean waste

Pallets Made from Recycled Ocean Waste

Studies have shown that there is more plastic waste in our oceans than previously thought. We’re on a mission to battle the growing concern of ocean pollution by crafting innovative products from reclaimed ocean waste materials and repurposing tons of ocean debris into eco-friendly plastic products – including pallets. Such is the case with The Atando Cabos Project – a groundbreaking initiative transforming discarded ropes and nets into valuable raw materials.


Reduce Trips (and CO2 Emissions) with Plastic Pallets

63% of North America’s freight goes by truck, drastically increasing emissions. This is why we create solutions that shorten delivery distances and allow us to pack more products in each truckload. Our plastic pallets are made to be stacked easily so that more products can fit on a truck, resulting in less needed trips. But, we take it a step further by utilizing advanced technology like RFID tracking, ensuring products travel safely and without damage.

Sustainability in Action

Cores for Capital Program

The Rehrig Pacific Cores for Capital Program allows customers to trade their excess whitewood pallets for our nestable and sustainable plastic pallets. System Services of America found that reusing whitewood pallets for their closed-loop distribution caused challenges such as increased labor costs, slower selection speed, and equipment damage. But our Cores for Capital Program was able to help by trading excess whitewood pallets for nestable plastic pallets. This allowed them to eliminate the need for extra investments, enhance selection speed, create a safer and cleaner work environment, and improve their sustainability.

OK Produce

OK Produce delivers high-quality food at affordable prices while providing fresh fruits and vegetables grown, handled, and distributed in an environmentally responsible way. This goal includes using more sustainable packaging, which is why OK Produce trusted Rehrig Pacific to provide nestable pallets for their shipments. Our 100% recyclable pallets enable superior product freshness, allowing produce to be moved faster while also maintaining strict food safety and sanitation guidelines. Not only did we empower them to become more sustainable, but our pallets also helped save the business over $6M in fuel and other labor costs.


Make the Switch to Plastic

Having a sustainable supply chain is possible. To learn more about how plastic pallets can work for your business, please fill out the form and a representative will be in touch.

See How Rehrig Pacific Is Leading the Way

Designing solutions that are better for the environment is at our core from creating products using hard-to-recycle plastics without compromising quality to manufacturing containers that collect all types of recyclable materials. Download our latest one sheet for more information.