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You don’t need to know a single thing about the science of tracking technology. The important thing to know is what it can do for you. Our visionSM software is a dynamic user friendly application for tracking assets in real time. visionSM gives you multi-level visibility that will help reduce operating costs, increase sales, and preserve capital. And it can easily integrate with your existing technology.

Modules available:
Automatic Vehicle Location/Telematics

Monitors daily vehicle activity of all trucks to include location, condition/health and driver behavior/safety.  The data captured from the device is sent to the cloud and displayed in the platform in the format of reports, dashboards, widgets, notifications and an interactive mapping center.

Industrial Container Tracking

The application manages all industrial container asset transactions through a mobile and desktop application. The solution encompasses dynamic dispatching that optimizes point to point routing and automates the process for assigning assets to billable accounts, adjusting inventory availability (in yard), locations and closing out service requests. The application is designed to monitor both approved and non-approved yards where containers are stored both long term and temporarily.

Work Order & Inventory

Manages all asset transactions through a mobile application and desktop application.  The platform encompasses work order process flows as well as inventory monitoring of all asset types.  Also included is a complete Dispatch program which allows for container maintenance route creation, optimization of stops, dynamic real time dispatching and interactive mapping layer.

Service Verification

Monitors the service activity of all assets including residential, commercial and/or industrial roll-out carts and containers when collected by trucks to include date and time of service, container ID, location, container movement, and participation in programs along with exception reporting.  This data can provide valuable insight into productivity of drivers and routes that many customers do not have visibility into today.  The data will be displayed in the platform in the format of reports, dashboards, widgets, notifications and an interactive mapping center.



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