Field, Tech & Support Services

Assembly and Distribution

After your roll-out carts are produced at a Rehrig Pacific manufactured and shipped, our Assembly and Distribution (A&D) teams load the carts onto our A&D trailers and distribute them to individual customers within your municipality or service area. We’ve successfully managed A&D projects with up to 500,000 carts. Using our VisionSM software, each cart is scanned to verify delivery accuracy for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of utilizing our A&D services:

  • Route audit resulting in an accurate database from the start
  • Daily automated delivery reports provide project visibility
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Custom on-line portal for delivery/inventory information during rollout
  • Detailed A&D checklist to guarantee success
  • GPS capture during A&D for location accuracy
  • Delivery safeguards preserves data integrity
  • Increased service revenue by adding accounts not on billing list
  • Conserves container assets with delivery exception reporting

Container Management

Rehrig Pacific can manage the delivery, pickup, repair and maintenance of all roll-out carts in your service area. Based on a monthly fee per cart, we can handle requests from residential customers regarding new pickup service, end of service, additional carts, cart size change out, lost or stolen carts, and cart repair. Our local field service team responds and completes all work in a timely and courteous fashion based on your established customer protocols.

Advantages to your city or customers include:

  • Relief of most or all cart service duties
  • Control of costs with predictable annual cart maintenance
  • Savings on equipment and personnel by elimination of cart management
  • Consistent carts, components and service
Additional Environmental Services

Rehrig Pacific’s continued focus on providing turn-key solutions has enabled countless residential and commercial customers to see tangible benefits for their assets. Let Rehrig’s dedicated in-field operations team and sophisticated technology handle all your commercial, residential and industrial programs.


  • Reclaim/Cart Removal – Successful retrieval of your assets for warranty, scrap and redeployment
  • Retrofits and Rebrands – Turnkey solutions including all necessary equipment, labels, tags and technology
  • Route Audits – Survey development and implementation for in-field account auditing
  • Yard Clean-Up – Continually maintained yard and “just-in-time” inventory management
  • Mailers – Customer-specific surveys via mailer and web, including data processing


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