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What does physics have to do with customer service? Both involve examining the location and condition of objects in time and space. Our famously great service team can easily and quickly identify which carts and containers need repair or replacement as well as track them in real time with RFID technology.

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  • Rehrig Pacific Goes A-List

    We are proud to provide Kim Kardashian with the world’s most beautiful waste cart!

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  • Rehrig Pacific Company and Orange County Public Schools recognized for recycling efforts

    The Florida Department of Environmental Protection presented the Recycling Recognition award to Rehrig Pacific Company for their outstanding reuse efforts and commitment to Florida’s environment and recycling goals.

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  • With Vision, You’ll Never Fly Blind

    A good scientific solution is efficient, elegant and rigorously tested. And if you don’t think the supply chain can be all of those things at once, you haven’t worked with Rehrig Pacific yet.

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  • We’re Movers, Makers, and Medium Manufacturer of the Year

    We care a lot about supply chains, logistics, containers, and the physics behind them. We also care a lot about our customers, employees and community.

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  • Semi-Automated and REL Kickbar Compatible Containers for Urban Conditions

    At Rehrig Pacific, a container is never just a container. It’s an intriguing scientific challenge.

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