It’s dizzying to think of all the forces at work in delivering products from Point A to Point B. Gravity, inertia, kinetic energy, velocity. Rehrig Pacific provides the only solution in the industry that accounts for every single step along the way. Our Delivery Systems incorporate a powered lift, sled, pallet and the tech to run it all in one kit.  With all the forces and stages of delivery accounted for, our system reduces injuries, training costs, product damage and delivery time while increasing driver retention, sustainability and profitability.

Fusion Sled Set Up

Toubleshooting Fusion Sled




Fusion  Image

Introducing Fusion: The route-to-market platform uniquely designed to deliver the tools you need
to better support your associates, retail partners, and consumers.


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    It’s dizzying to think of all the forces at work in delivering products from Point A to Point B.

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