Material Handling Services

At Rehrig Pacific, we’re proud of the shipping materials we’ve put so much time and thought into designing. So we’d like to help you get the most out of them throughout every stage of the supply chain, and when the time comes, to get them back. This is all made possible by our innovation in sorting, tracking, returning and recycling pallets, crates and other shipping materials. Apparently we’re pretty good at it, since our Service Operations team has a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Asset Exchange

Eliminate the costs of purchasing reusable packaging and enhance your sustainability scorecard through seamless supply chain integration.

We ship reusable packaging products to your facility, and you provide recyclables in return. The revenue generated for these items is allocated based on their current market value. Each item is tracked using PARTS, our online asset visibility software. When Rehrig Pacific has received recyclable items to cover the balance owed for the packaging assets, we will pay your company directly.

Asset Tracking

Rehrig Pacific’s proprietary Packaging Asset Recovery Tracking System (PARTS) facilitates online tracking of packaging assets 24/7/365, integrates with bar code and RFID data collection systems, and is customizable to your unique applications through the use of electronic BOLs. PARTS can generate daily, weekly and/or monthly reports for services performed inside customer locations by Rehrig Pacific’s reverse logistics centers. Customers can customize reports to fit their needs, and they are accessible online or can be emailed at pre-determined frequencies.

Total Pallet Management & Reverse Logistics

Rehrig Pacific maintains a clear focus on the customer, providing one of the industry’s best, most cost effective pallet management programs. We became one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing pallet management and sales solution providers by putting the customer first.

With reverse logistics centers strategically located across the U.S., Rehrig Pacific’s unique business model allows for a continuous, uninterrupted supply of pallets per the customers’ requirements. We are able to provide customers with a pallet management program that is customized to reach their supply chain goals through a cost-effective solution.

Whitewood Pallet Sales

With reverse logistics centers strategically located across the U.S., Rehrig Pacific recycles, repairs and sells over 1 million high-quality pallets per month through our relationships with some of the nation’s top retailers and distributors. Rehrig Pacific offers a continuous, uninterrupted supply of pallets at extremely competitive prices.

Our dedicated sales force finds the correct solution through an in-depth evaluation of your supply chain requirements. With nearly 60 pallet management locations and a partner network of over an additional 100 locations, we are your local solution for your national needs.