Specifications MM/KG IN/LB
External Length (L) 600 23.6
External Width (W) 400 15.8
External Height (H) 285 11.2
Internal Length 570 22.4
Internal Width 370 14.5
Internal Height 275 10.8
Stack Increment 53 2.1
Weight 2.43 5.35
53' Trailer Quantity 6,600
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Base Short Wall Barcode (T1) 1.5 0.5
Long Wall Brand (B1) 3.75 3.0
Base Long Wall Brand - Middle (B2) 2.0 0.75
Base Long Wall Brand - Left & Right (B3) 2.5 0.75

Benefits & Features

  • Versatile multipurpose container for almost any material handling application
  • Reusable container reduces product shrink, reduces total packaging costs and eliminates disposal costs associated with one-way containers
  • Ergonomically designed handle reduces strain and maximizes comfort
  • Folding design reduces storage capacity for empty containers
  • Stacking interlock and FBA tabs coupled with cross stacking feature provides enhanced stability during transit over traditional packaging
  • Strong, durable latches designed for stable handling during transportation
  • Scalloped interior maximizes volume while protecting delicate product
  • Enhanced ventilation improves cooling time for perishable products
  • Exterior base rib structure provides continuous surface, promoting seamless compatibility with automated conveyance
  • Material: FDA approved food grade polypropylene provides the strength and durability needed for multiple applications
  • Color: Available in standard black or other FDA approved non-heavy metal (NHM) colors. Metal detectable colors are available for compatibility with metal part detection systems
  • Decoration: Multiple customer specific decoration combinations possible with hot stamp locations on the short wall and base
  • Molded in Logos: Customer specific decorations available on the short wall
  • Tracking: Optional barcode and RFID tag locations on the short wall to integrate with Rehrig technology offering