Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Exterior Length (L) 13.0 330
Exterior Width (W) 13.0 330
Exterior Height (H) 11.1 282
Interior Length 12.0 305
Interior Width 12.0 305
Interior Height 10.7 272
Product Clearance Height 10.3 261
Stack Increment 10.8 273
Weight 2.5 1.1
53' Trailer Quantity* 3,360
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Brand (B1) 9.4 2.8

Benefits & Features

  • Universal design can be used for many SKU’s – not just for use with milk jugs
  • Compatible with all other 16 qt. dairy crates and industry standard automation
  • Ergonomic handles allow easy handling
  • Smooth internal faces to prevent damage to product
  • Open grid-work on all sides to allow for abundant airflow, temperature regulation, product protection, and easy cleaning
  • Recessed base increases product clearance to prevent damage
  • Designed with exceptional stacking strength and stability
  • Available in all-plastic or with steel rings
  • Regrind usage optimized to provide optimal strength and impact characteristics
  • Wide array of colors available; including FDA approved colors
  • UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants, microbial and other additives available to extend the life of your investment
  • Branding areas on all 4 sides for customer specific branding – readily available for hot stamping and molded-in logos (pricing varies)
  • RFID tags or barcode labels available to track crates and products