Specifications IN/LB B MM/KG
Length (L) 18.9 480
Width (W) 12.6 319
Height (H) 4.25 108
Pocket Diameter (ø) 2.895 73.5
Nesting Increment 1.72 43.7
Weight 1.78 0.807

Benefits & Features

  • Ergonomic, sturdy handles with the palm up/ palm down profile for ease with grasping, lifting and carrying
  • Twist ‘n slide bottom locates and locks crates and closures for stability in transit, yet releases easily for unloading
  • Highly nestable to reduce space needed for empty storage
  • Nested crates interlock for secure stacking in storage, return transit and unloading
  • De-nest easily either manually or with automated de-nester
  • Customized color and branding available to promote brand equity and asset management
  • Large brand panel for increased brand awareness
  • Optional bar code, RFID and proximity marketing enablement
  • Open design for quick, easy merchandising
  • Large display windows highlight labels, branding and bottle profiles
  • Engineered high density polyethylene (HDPE) material for enhanced strength and durability