Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 42.0 1,067
Width (W) 29.8 757
Height (H) 7.25 184
Overall Fork Pocket Width (W1) 22.5 572
Individual Fork Pocket Width (W2) 9.4 239
Overall Fork Pocket Length (L1) 27.5 699
Individual Fork Pocket Length (L2) 11.5 292
Fork Pocket Height (H1) 4.0 102
Weight - Standard 22.75 10.3
Weight - High Impact 23.0 10.4
Nesting Increment 3.9 99
Static Load Rating - Standard 10,000 4,535
Static Load Rating - High Impact 7,000 3,175
Dynamic Load Rating - Standard 2,000 907
Dynamic Load Rating - High Impact 1,500 680
53' Trailer Quantity 1,496
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Brand, Barcode or RFID Area (B1) 4.0 1.75

Benefits & Features

  • High-pressure injection molded using high-density polyethylene resin for superior durability and performance
  • Compatible with Rehrig’s integrated delivery system for increased driver efficiency and retention by reducing delivery time, case touches, and fatigue at each stop
  • Optimal footprint with 4-way entry enables faster deliveries through narrow doorways and improves maneuverability in aisle, cooler, freezer, and dry areas
  • Highly nestable design enhances overall productivity and saves space when empty in warehouse, at stores, and on backhauls
  • Perimeter lip helps secure and protect product against damage and unnecessary replacement costs
  • Lightweight design with ergonomic handles reduces injuries and promotes safe handling practices throughout supply chain
  • Flow-through design for ease of cleaning and draining potential trap points
  • 100% recyclable for greater sustainability
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Various colors available to promote brand awareness
  • Standard and high-impact material blends available to optimize performance
  • Hot-stamped logos available for customer specific branding on all four sides
  • Competitive recycling program available to maximize material value at end of life cycle
  • RFID compatible, works with Vision™ Software solution

Alternative Material for Sustainability

  • PCR – Ocean Bound, RPC Circular Plastic Economy
  • PIR – RPC Mfg Scrap, Automotive Mfg Scrap
  • Up to 70% Black
  • Up to 30% Color