Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 45.6 1,158
Width (W) 30.0 762
Height (H) 36.8 47.8 934 1,214
Handle Height Options (H1) 31.0 42.0 787 1,067
Height without Handle (H2) 10.5 267
Available Deck Length (L1) 41.3 1,049
Available Deck Width (W1) 29.3 744
Fork Pocket Length (L2) 27.8 706
Fork Pocket Width (W2) 19.0 483
Fork Pocket Height (H3) 6.9 175
Weight with Handle 64.0 67.0 29.0 30.4
Weight without Handle 56.0 25.4
Dynamic Load Rating 2,000 907
53' Trailer Quantity 520
40' Ocean Container Quantity 320
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Brand Area - Deck (B1) 5.75 2.0
Brand Area - Handle (B2) 3.0 1.0

Benefits & Features

  • Thermoformed deck using high-density polyethylene resin for superior durability and performance
  • Steel reinforcements provide support and stability by equally distributing load throughout deck and wheels
  • Heavy duty casters with low-temp grease and polyolefin wheels for dependable operation in cold temperatures and corrosive environments
  • Reinforcement bar between rigid casters offers added protection when used with material handling equipment
  • Stackable design with removable handle saves space when empty in warehouse, at stores, and on backhauls
  • Optimal footprint increases driver efficiency and retention by reducing delivery time, case touches, and fatigue at each stop while also improving maneuverability in aisle, cooler, freezer, and dry areas
  • Innovative combination of plastic and steel results in a lighter weight design than all-metal carts and helps reduce injuries and promote safer handling practices throughout supply chain
  • Deck rails help secure product and protect equipment against damage and unnecessary replacement costs
  • Flow-through design for ease of cleaning and draining potential trap points