Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 48.25 1,226
Width (W) 40.25 1,022
Height (H) 6.5 165
Overall Fork Pocket Width (W1) 28.7 729
Individual Fork Pocket Width (W2) 11.0 279
Overall Fork Pocket Length (L1) 30.0 762
Individual Fork Pocket Length (L2) 12.0 305
Fork Pocket Height (H1) 4.0 102
Soft Lip Height 0.20 5.0
Soft Lip Width 0.18 4.5
Nest Increment 2.55 64.8
Weight 28.5 12.9
Static Load Rating 10,000 4,536
Dynamic Load Rating 3,500 1,588
53' Trailer Quantity 1,200
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Brand, Barcode or RFID Area (B1) 3.0 0.875

Benefits & Features

  • High-pressure injection molded using co-polymer polypropylene resin for superior durability, impact resistance, and performance
  • Greater strength-to-weight ratio provides optimum carrying capacity and rigidity for heavier loads
  • Highly nestable design enhances overall productivity and saves space when empty in warehouse, at stores, and on backhauls
  • Optimal footprint with 4-way entry cubes out trailers efficiently and allows for complete versatility within warehouse and during delivery
  • Lightweight design with ergonomic handles reduces injuries and promotes safe handling practices throughout supply chain
  • Molded-in top deck texture mitigates product slippage
  • Beveled leading edges for safe and efficient denesting of pallet stacks
  • Flow-through design for ease of cleaning and draining potential trap points
  • 100% recyclable for greater sustainability
  • Comprehensive warranty