Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 48.0 1,220
Width (W) 40.0 1,016
Height (H) 6.0 152
Overall Fork Pocket Width (W1) 30.0 762
Individual Fork Pocket Width (W2) 12.0 305
Overall Fork Pocket Length (L1) 30.0 762
Individual Fork Pocket Length (L2) 12.0 305
Fork Pocket Height (H1) 3.5 88.9
Weight 44.2 20.0
Edge Rack Capability 2,000 907
Dynamic Load Rating 4,000 1,814
Static Load Rating 10,000 4,536
53' Trailer Quantity 540
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Brand, Barcode or RFID Area (B1) 3.75 2.625

Benefits & Features

  • High-pressure injection molded plastic pallets
    are made from co-polymer polypropylene resin
    that will not absorb moisture or bacteria and
    their appearance is more attractive for retail
    applications than wooden pallets.
  • Roughened top deck reduces slippage and helps
    keep loads in place.
  • Full picture frame and cruciform bottom work
    smoothly with automated pallet handling
  • Tapered bottom edges on all sides allow easy
    four-way entry and exit for pallet jacks and fork
  • Absence of any metal fasteners and splinters
    means no parts that can protrude and damage
    products or cause injury.
  • Rugged and lightweight, they are easier to
    handle than comparable wood or other plastic
  • 2-piece, Snap-Lock™ allows for quick and easy
    repair while reducing damage from pallet jacks
    thus offering substantially longer life .
  • High-pressure injection molding allows Rehrig
    Pacific designers to strategically vary wall
    thickness to achieve lighter yet stronger plastic
    pallets when compared to other molding