Fusion Beer Delivery System Lift

Benefits & Features

  • Compatible with RD Beer Pallet, 37”x37”,
    43”x37”, 48”x36”, 48”x40” pallets
  • Adjustable load backrest for pallet compatibility
  • Durable wheel tread for traversing over the full
    range of environments from trailer to store
  • Retractable seat belt to secure the pallet load to
    the lift
  • Accessory tray for auxiliary delivery equipment:
    Scanners, Printers, Stretch Wrap, etc.
  • Electric traction and hydraulic lift system
  • Integral battery/charger: (2) 12-Volt 120AH
    maintenance free batteries with 20A 110V plugin
    automatic charger
  • ZAPI ACO Travel Speed Controller variable from
    0-3.6mph empty and 0-3.3mph loaded
  • Creep speed functionality for tight turns at low
    reduced speed
  • Brake system with anti-roll back and neutral
  • Customized Color and Branding Available to
    Promote Brand Equity
  • Weight: 650 lbs.
  • Load Rating: 4,000 lbs.