Specifications MM/KG IN/LB
External Length (L) 508 20.0
External Width (W) 305 12.0
External Height (H) 211 8.3
Internal Length 483 19.0
Internal Width 279 11.0
Internal Height 201 7.9
Weight 1.37 3.02
Stack Increment 198 7.8
53' Truckload Quantity 3,120
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Long Wall Brand (B1) 7.25 2.0

Benefits & Features

  • Rugged, durable container
  • Smooth, contoured interior protects fruit
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Stacks easily and securely
  • Fully automatable
  • Works with wood bins or on pallets
  • Compatible with standard harnesses
  • Optimized vents for efficient cooling
  • Available in tabbed version for compatibility with previous harvest tote style
  • Material: FDA approved food grade HDPE provides the strength and durability needed for multiple applications
  • Color: Available in standard Storehouse White or other FDA approved non-heavy metal (NHM) colors. Metal detectable colors are available for compatibility with metal part detection systems
  • Decoration: Customer specific decoration possible with hot stamp location on the long wall
  • Tracking: Bar code labels or RFID tags