One-Way Grape Crate
Specifications MM/KG IN/LB
External Length (L) 508 20.0
External Width (W) 406 16.0
External Height (H) 140 5.5
Internal Length 478 18.8
Internal Width 376 14.8
Internal Height 137 5.4
Weight 0.82 1.80
Stack Increment 38 1.5
53' Truckload Quantity 7,200
Decoration Areas WIDTH (IN) HEIGHT (IN)
Short Wall Brand (B1) 2.5 1.0

Benefits & Features

  • Gently contoured bottom and smooth interior
  • Easy lock corner edges
  • Ventilated side walls to enable products to cool quickly, extending the product shelf life
  • UV stabilizers and anti-oxidant package protect crates and containers from sun damage
  • Secure stacking feature allows for more product to be shipped
  • Efficient nestability reduces required storage space
  • Eliminates need for stilts and racks
  • Retail friendly and display ready
  • Generates revenue and eliminates disposal costs
  • Material: FDA approved food grade polypropylene provides the strength and durability needed for multiple applications
  • Color: Available in FDA approved non-heavy metal (NHM) colors. Metal detectable colors are available for compatibility with metal part detection systems
  • Decoration: Multiple customer specific decoration combinations possible with hot stamp locations on the short wall rim