Fusion Duo Lift

One Lift, Two Jobs

Save an average of 20% with the first-ever expanding and retracting fork tine. Duo Lift adjusts to almost any delivery pallet size. It’s more nimble without losing its strength. It has the ability to go from trailer to store and store to cooler, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment and making beverage deliveries safer, easier, and a whole lot faster.

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Fusion Duo Lift

The groundbreaking expandable contracting tine power lift allows drivers to move from the warehouse to the store with the same equipment. The Duo Lift team at Rehrig Pacific would love to talk about the groundbreaking Duo Lift and Fusion System with you and discuss how you can save money by switching.

Duo Lift is decreasing pain points for companies across the country by reducing the demands on drivers, shortening delivery times, and delivering the most efficient delivery system the world has ever seen.

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Specifications IN/LB MM/KG
Length (L) 60 1524
Chassis Width (W) 20 508
Narrow Tine Span (T1) 14.6 371
Wide Tine Span (T2) 23.6 600
Height (H) 54 1372
Weight 575 261
Load Rating 3000 1364

One or more Rehrig patents apply to this product

Save 5¢ on every case shipped. Seriously.

Broken pallets. Tired, frustrated drivers. Slow, inefficient offloading and down stacking. Rehrig Pacific has spent more than 4 years working with Fortune 500, world-renowned brands to rethink delivery from the ground up. Duo Lift helps companies and drivers achieve greater efficiency by revolutionizing the pallet lift system.  Delivering product from warehouse to store is a rough business. Systems developed in the 1970’s cannot compete with the demands of today. Enter Duo Lift. Duo Lift replaces pallet jacks, forklifts, pallet stackers, hand trucks and dollies. While it’s contracting and expanding tine system allows drivers to use the same lift to navigate warehouses, grocery and convenience stores. This means fewer requirements on drivers for an increased labor pool coupled with greater route efficiency for companies, and enhanced analytics with Duo’s Internet of Things enabled reporting suite.

The Duo Lift helps companies simplify training. Drivers don’t need expensive forklift certifications or to transfer entire pallets piece by piece into the store because the lift won’t fit. Less bending and lifting translates to less injuries, and greater employee retention.

“The (Duo) delivery system makes the work a lot easier. I’m definitely more energized at the end of the shift and the next day.”

– a Duo Delivery Driver


Fusion Delivery Systems cover the pre-delivery, warehousing, delivery, and merchandising needs of your business. Rehrig Pacific also develops products that work harder, so your employees can do more in less time. And all that means an increase in productivity and a decrease in costs.

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Fusion is an entirely re-engineered platform designed for the modern delivery route, able to handle complex product lines, multiplying stores and demanding delivery schedules. By rethinking everything from pallet design to the lifts that move them, we have slashed delivery times to a fraction of their former selves and have proven success at boosting driver retention and cutting down on injuries. By 75%, specifically.

Fusion® by Rehrig Pacific is a material handling solution to bring your operations into the 21st century: an era of happier drivers, fewer injuries, and faster deliveries.

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For asset tracking and fleet management Vision® allows you to tag your pallets (and what’s on them), track them in real-time, confirm and manage deliveries, optimize routes, communicate with drivers, find where orders went wrong, and identify opportunities for greater efficiency. With Vision® you can see what you are moving.

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By creating more efficiency in routes, Duo Lift is allowing companies to make decisions that are healthy both for the planet and their bottom line. At Rehrig Pacific Company, sustainability is at the core of what we do, whether that means including hard to reuse recycled materials in our plastic pallets, totes and crates, or developing innovative technology that changes the delivery landscape.

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