With Vision, You’ll Never Fly Blind

You could call us obsessives. You could even call us nerds. At Rehrig Pacific, we prefer to think of ourselves as supply chain scientists. A good scientific solution is efficient, elegant and rigorously tested. And if you don’t think the supply chain can be all of those things at once, you haven’t worked with Rehrig Pacific yet.

The secondary packaging business hasn’t kept up with the times. Most manufacturers don’t have the foresight to consider the entire supply chain while cranking out pallets and crates, and software companies often don’t see beyond the software they design. That adds up to a big logistics mess. Adding tracking devices to pallets and then using multiple different programs to analyze multiple different metrics—this is prehistoric stuff.

Our comprehensive, problem-solving approach leads to comprehensive solutions. With our visionSM system, we make pallets with RFID chips, GPS, and other track and trace tech built in from the beginning, along with software that brings all the elements together. Easily track shipments, waste pickup, shipping conditions, and route efficiencies. Instead of having to Frankenstein together pallets, tracking tech, and software from different companies, you can now get it all from us. (Frankenstein was not a real scientist, by the way.)

With visionTM, you can now see everything you need, all at once.