Visual Attention to In Store Marketing

At Rehrig Pacific, we know a great deal about the physics behind every element of the beverage supply chain. We know a thing or two about what goes on in-store as well. Once a product arrives, it’s time to make sales, and to make those sales you have to attract eyeballs. Now, we haven’t designed an eyeball magnet (yet), but we have studied branding and sales principles with our usual attention to detail.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we hypothesized that people pay more attention to products when they are clearly branded. As obvious as that sounds, most sodas are stacked in non-branded shells. So, using eye-tracking glasses, Clemson University put this hypothesis to the test, measuring people’s eye-movements at the point of sale, comparing standard reusable beverage shells to Pepsi-branded reusable shells.

Rehrig Pacific Pepsi shells are branded, standard shells are not. Even though customers are sure to know what kind of soda they’re laying their eyes on, branded shells still had a big impact.

How big?

Products in branded shells received 54% more fixations (a stabilization of the eye indicative of cognitive processing), were looked at for 46% more time, and focused on 10% quicker compared to products in standard shells. A hypothesis is only as good as its experimental evidence, and we call this a big win for branded Rehrig Pacific shells.