Organics Material Collection Stations for Food Waste

Organic food waste is one of the largest polluters in landfills, but together, we can do better. Rehrig Pacific’s easy-to-use ergonomic 1-yard commercial container is designed specifically for the strength, durability, maneuverability, and employee safety required for commercial organics.

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Delivering Sustainability in a Circular Ecosystem

California is the latest state to require residents and businesses to separate food waste into bins that can be diverted appropriately and treated, with other local governments enacting similar legislation. Our new organic material collection station is ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, schools and sporting venues, where food waste is abundant. 

  • Volume = 1 Yard
  • Minimal Wall Stock = 0.25”
  • Estimated Total Plastic Weight = 250 lbs.
  • Load rating = 1000 lbs. per yard
  • 53’ Open Flatbed Trailer load = 36 units (TBD)

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  • First of its kind twin body design protects the container from bulging or deforming under load  
  • All-plastic design keeps cart protected from corrosive organic materials  
  • Lightweight compared to steel alternatives which reduces risk of push/pull injuries  
  • Replaceable plastic sleeves for easy maintenance 
  • Smooth inner body has zero trap points for material to get stuck, helping to reduce odor  
  • Ergonomic lid height allows user to safely dump smaller containers into it without lifting load over shoulder height  
  • Sub-lid has a 160-degree hold open feature to allow easy and ergonomic dumping of smaller containers into it 

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Working Today to Preserve Tomorrow

At Rehrig, our mission since 1913 has been to design and supply sustainable solutions. Our collection stations enable organic waste to be recycled and made into usable materials, such as compost and biofuel, reducing the amount of methane released and helping slow down climate change. In fact, it is estimated that by reducing food waste in half over the next 30 years, we will avoid emitting at least 10 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

  • A third of all food in the United States is wasted 
  • Discarded food accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Organic waste has a carbon footprint larger than the airline industry 

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Designing solutions that are better for the environment is at our core from creating products using hard-to-recycle plastics without compromising quality to manufacturing containers that collect all types of recyclable materials. Download our latest one sheet for more information.