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Always Have an Eye
on Your Inventory

Transform your direct store delivery with Vision® Object Recognition (VOR): an AI-powered platform providing transparency and efficiency like never before. Leveraging advanced machine learning, VOR streamlines operations by giving you a comprehensive picture of each shipment's progress throughout the entire process.

Object Recognition for Direct Store Delivery

VOR can be deployed as one solution or an entire suite – providing maximum efficiency, reducing time spent organizing and auditing orders, and decreasing delivery disputes.


Case Study -  Vision® Object Recognition (VOR)

Recognizing the need for enhanced efficiency within their warehouse to point of delivery, Adams Beverages partnered with Rehrig Pacific to explore advanced technology solutions.

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SKU Verification

Automate Accuracy

This comprehensive AI-driven solution makes sure your orders are accurately fulfilled; it automatically verifies each SKU in every order. When integrated with the VOR platform, its automated auditing process reduces manual labor and frees up resources to let you focus on other areas.

  • Automate order accuracy verification
  • Eliminate manual audits
  • Identify mis-picks and overages before loading
  • Reduce special selections
  • Decrease restocking warehouse 
  • Picker/DC selection accuracy metrics
  • Sustainable solution for both people and planet

Load Validation 

Verify Loading

Load Validation provides the accuracy you need to ensure your customer orders are loaded efficiently and correctly. In addition to monitors above loaders, RFID readers located at loading bay entrances make sure each pallet is stacked on the right truck in an optimal sequence.

  • Reduce reroutes
  • Speed up pallet unloading at delivery
  • Improve pallet loading efficiency

In-Store Delivery

Streamline Processes

An AI-powered check-in delivery solution, In-Store Delivery offers visual confirmation of order accuracy, significantly reducing the time spent on manual counting, creating a streamlined process for store clerks.

  • Images of order delivered
  • SKU level comparison 
  • Errors show on picklist 
  • Improve check-in speeds
  • Enhance customer satisfaction 
  • Optimize delivery routes 
  • Mitigate theft

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