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Sustainability is at Our Core


Responsibly  Moving Goods, resources, and Ideas

Since our founding, Rehrig Pacific has led the way with sustainable products and services. For over 100 years, we’ve partnered with companies to help them achieve their sustainability goals by offering reusable and recyclable products. We are pioneers, leading by example and facilitating our customers' participation in the Circular Economy.  

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Committed to Positive Impact

Our Mission is fueled by sustainability, and our products enable our customers to move their supply chains from a linear to a circular economy. 

It also defines our culture, values, ethics, fundamental goals, and agenda by investing in people, the planet, and prosperity. 


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At Rehrig Pacific Company
For Over 100 Years Sustainability Has Been At Our Core.

Leading The Way In More Sustainable Materials

  • Reusable products are more safe, durable, reusable, and recyclable at end of life. We design our products by using our customers returns through our buyback program to reclaim plastic waste and enable a circular economy.


Transforming Waste into a Valuable Material


Post-Consumer Recycled Material (PCR)

With our buyback program, we are committed to responsibly managing 100% of our products at the end of their life. We are focused on innovating with the materials at the core of our products. By investing in our research and development laboratory resources, we lead the way in more sustainable materials.

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Using our exclusive co-injection technology allows for a range of difficult-to-recycle plastics to make up the core of Rehrig Pacific’s waste and recycling carts, while achieving the desired external visual aesthetics and branding of the cart.


Freight Lanes

Our eight manufacturing facilities are strategically located throughout the U.S., decreasing the distance it takes to get our products to our customers. Additionally, our efficiently designed pallets, trays, crates, bins, and carts allow us to accommodate more products per truckload, ultimately reducing the required shipments for the same product. 

Our customers save on freight costs and reduce their carbon emissions with our products designed to take advantage of trailer space, moving more with less vehicles on the road.


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Our Services Promote Sustainability

Our experienced Customer Service team is best-in-class. Combining their extensive industry knowledge with a proactive, accurate, and solutions-based approach. Our Services team is integral to the repair aspect of sustainability, working diligently on roll-out cart repairs, pallet repairs, and more to ensure that our products extend their service lives before being recycled. 

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