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Rehrig Pacific is a leading authority in sustainable supply chain solutions. With over a century of experience, we manufacture reusable returnable plastic products for various industries. We are a sought-after thought partner, helping to generate innovations for a changing global landscape.

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  • Core Plastic

    We manufacture high-quality injected molded reusable plastic products that last longer, are easier to handle, safer, and are more sustainable than single-use products.

Innovations For All Industries


We are committed to helping make the journey from farm to table safe and seamless by providing leading-edge engineering, product design, and delivery solutions.

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Our protective plastic trays, ergonomic handling, and advanced technology like RFID tracking allow products to go from oven to store safely and without damage.

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With our state-of-the-art reusable pallets and FusionTM Delivery Solutions, we ensure beer and wine cases fit perfectly while providing easy access into coolers.

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Beer, Wine & Spirits

Our leadership in multi-use beverage crates, pallets, and sleds helps overcome some of the toughest challenges you face.

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With our perfectly engineered, FSMA-compliant milk crates and extensive RFID tracking system ensuring complete visibility, we give you peace of mind that your products stay fresh.

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From automation upgrades to custom frameworks, we are committed to providing the latest ecommerce solutions with integrated systems and scalable technology.

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Products & Solutions

Core Plastic

Stackable, rackable, and nestable solutions for every industry and reusable plastic containers, collapsible, stackable, and nestable options reduce product shrink, and eliminate disposal costs associated with one-way containers


A full line of solutions designed specifically for the bakery industry’s needs


Designed for automation crates, protect your products with safer reusable solutions


Heavy duty and field ready applications

Fusion™ Material Handling
Fusion™ GS Agile Sled

Lightweight and greater maneuverability in narrow store aisles

Fusion™ GS Merchandiser Sled

Folding design maximizes portability with an easy fit in vehicles

Fusion™ Pallets

Nestable delivery pallets designed to work as a part of the Duo system

Fusion™ Duo Lift

The one and only retractable powered lift designed to optimize direct store delivery while maximizing driver safety

Fusion™ Hybrid Sled

The ATV of material handling powered sleds perfect for food service

Vision® Technology
Vision® Object Recognition

VOR allows businesses to maximize order accuracy while reducing employee time and effort. This straightforward technology can be deployed as one solution or an entire suite – providing maximum efficiency.

Delivery IoT

Our Delivery IoT solutions unlock unprecedented levels of insight so you can easily tag pallets, monitor shipments in real-time, and manage deliveries. All while saving time, money, and valuable resources.

Asset Tracker

Our 24/7 monitoring solution leverages advanced RFID, GPS, and barcode technologies to easily track your goods in real-time.

Service & Maintain
Pallet Sorting

Flexible sorting services that stack and register pallet types and sizes

Pallet Repair

Restoring pallets back to a usable condition for a longer life

RPC Sorting

Fast and efficient sorting by type, size, and more

Corrugate Box Sorting

Breaking down and organizing your materials

Recycling Services

Recycling pickup to ensure that materials are reused and repurposed

Consolidation Services

Making sure you are getting the most out of your shipments

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Ensuring The Future Of Our Global Economy

As a plastics manufacturer, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and can use the highest percentage of recycled content in our pallets, totes, and crates. With seven plants located across the US, we offer the shortest freight lanes for improved carbon footprints for our customers. We design our products to nest and stack efficiently for transportation and storage savings. We are committed to creating innovative sustainable solutions that effectively and responsibly move goods, resources, and ideas.

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