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Direct Store Delivery

Our ecosystem of integrated solutions connects and optimizes direct store delivery from warehouse to store. Using a combination of specialized material handling equipment and advanced AI technology, our solutions increase safety, improve driver retention and order accuracy, and bring together warehouse and delivery staff by enabling a better handoff of products. Ensuring an optimized delivery experience for all.



Join Adams Beverages and Rehrig Pacific’s Exclusive Event

This event showcases the latest AI-enabled technologies reshaping the beer and beverage distribution industry by offering unprecedented accuracy, transparency, and operational efficiency.

Engage in meaningful conversations with other beer and beverage distributors and gain insights from industry experts dedicated to enhancing warehouse operations, boosting driver retention, and broadening the labor pool. Experience live demos, route rides, educational Q&As, and more!

Four Dates to Choose From:

May 8, 2024
May 9, 2024
May 22, 2024
 May 23, 2024
9 am - 2 pm 


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Delivery Solutions Simplified

Rehrig Pacific revolutionizes the direct store delivery industry with cutting-edge solutions, including our new Fusion Duo, the world’s first expanding and retracting fork tine powered lift. We design pallets and returnable plastic containers to work with these systems and offer end-to-end solutions from the warehouse to the back office.

  • Fusion Material Handling

    We offer a diverse portfolio of material handling delivery lifts and sleds, with corresponding pallets, designed to meet the needs of direct store delivery while improving the lives of drivers and delivery personnel.

Quotes From Fusion™ Duo Users

Recruit and Retain Highly Satisfied Drivers


Products & Solutions

Core Plastic

Sustainably made with superior impact resistance

Reusable Plastic Containers

Move your goods faster and safer


Nestable, stackable, and more


Custom-fit options for every industry.


Extend the life span of your goods with safer options.


Moisture resistant, fire retardant, and more.

Vision® Technology
SKU Verification

Using deep AI learning technology and an integrated pallet wrapper system this solution validates the accuracy of every SKU for every order.

Load Validation

This solution verifies the right customer-order pallet is loaded on the right truck in the right sequence.

In-Store Delivery

This AI powered check-in delivery solution provides visual confirmation of order accuracy at point of delivery.

Delivery IoT

Delivery IoT is a real time tracking solution giving operators visibility to FusionTM delivery solutions, such as movement, maintenance, and operator performance.

Fusion™ Material Handling
Fusion Duo Lift

The one and only retractable powered lift designed to optimize case load while maximizing driver safety.

Fusion Duo Merchandizer

Designed for convenience and drop-and-go merchandising with faster maneuverability.

Fusion Hybrid Sled

Our pint-sized powerhouse that fuses agility with strength.

Fusion Agile Sled

Ultra-light, compact, and specifically designed for easy maneuverability within small format stores.

Service & Maintain
Change Management

Go-Live Training

Maintenance & Repair

Extended Warranty Options



Do more while addressing your toughest challenges. State-of-the-art reusable pallets and Fusion™ Delivery Solutions work seamlessly together for a smoother delivery process for all beer, wine, and spirit distributors.

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Beer, Wine & Spirits

Cutting-edge, innovative solutions that minimize driver delivery time, maximize profit margins, eliminate error, and increase the safety of delivery personnel.

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We combine sustainable plastic products with one-of-a-kind material handling solutions, like our Fusion™ Hybrid Sled, to help you move your goods quicker and safer than ever before.

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Food Service

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Ensuring the future of our global economy

As a leader in sustainable manufacturing, we partner with over 100 recycling facilities to help close the loop on our plastic products. Our sustainable practices ensure that our solutions and customers’ products can be reused at the end of life. We are proud to lead the way in using alternative recycled content and achieving innovative ways to use various streams of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, including ocean-bound plastics and films. As a responsible manufacturer, safety is always at the forefront of our minds. Our design teams are dedicated to finding ways to improve the lives of delivery drivers making a hard job safer and easier. It aligns with our core value of family by finding ways for our partners to get home to theirs happier and healthier.

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