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Welcome to Rehrig Pacific.

Innovations in supply chain and waste and recycling products, services and solutions since 1913.

Over 100 Years of Experience

Since 1913, Rehrig Pacific has always had a modern attitude—futuristic, even. Our expertise in the physics of materials led us to develop reusable plastics back in the 60s before recycling was even a thing. Our mastery of the science of the supply chain and waste and recycling processes today delivers sophisticated RFID tracking, unparalleled safety and efficiency.

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Best-In-Class Customer Service

We employ engineering fanatics who love polymers, particles and pallets. We also employ incredibly reliable and dedicated customer service professionals who will do everything they can to make sure you’re getting everything out of your partnership with us. In fact, we’re famous for it.

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Constant Innovation

Innovation is part science and part attitude. We will never rest in our pursuit of the best possible way to ship an apple, protect a waste collector’s lower back or cube out a truck. The lab does the designs, but we all take pride in the results.

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Yes, we make pallets and waste containers. But the most important thing we deliver is solutions. Our encyclopedic knowledge of supply chains and relentless curiosity mean we can solve problems for you everywhere you may encounter them.

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It might not be possible for us to be experts on every single industry, but we are experts at the physics of packing and shipping products, collecting waste and recycling, and all kinds of supply chains. Compositions, durability, lightness and strength of materials. Precision calculations of unloading and collection times. The works. And if you understand the physics of the supply chain, you kinda understand how that affects every industry on earth. So that’s pretty cool. Rehrig Pacific can gently ship eggs, make pallets that double as store displays, track waste collection across the county, and discover new ways to perfect every part of the supply chain and we do it in industries as varied as bakery, beverage, dairy, environmental, foodservice, agriculture, fresh produce, protein, beer, wine and spirits, retail, automotive aftermarket, and home improvement.

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We can’t help it; we get excited about plastics and all the other materials that go into pallets, packages, waste and recycling containers, and delivery products of all kinds. Our products are some of the lightest, strongest, safest, most efficient, reusable (and clever) on the market today. We’re excited to make even better products tomorrow.

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A Tradition of Innovation

In 1913, Rehrig Pacific saw an opportunity no one else did: to develop wood crates. Ever since, we’ve been at the forefront of delivery and supply chain reusable packaging, and waste and recycling container products, innovations and solutions. Our scientific curiosity has provided smarter and more efficient delivery methods and containers to the agriculture, beverage, bakery, retail, automotive, and environmental industries. Oh, and we probably made your home recycling cart too.

Check out the highlights of our long history of innovation.

1913 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 1913, Rehrig Pacific began as a small Los Angeles manufacturer of reusable wooden crates for the dairy industry.
1930 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In the 1930s, seeking to improve product life and utility, the company expanded its technology base to include producing crates from steel wire.
1950 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In the 1950s, Rehrig Pacific continued to expand and modify on the wire crate to make them lighter and easier to accommodate different bottles.
1960 Rehrig Pacific historic image
By the 1960s when advances in plastic molding brought about the potential for manufacturing products that would provide enhanced value to our customers, Rehrig Pacific moved into the world of high pressure injection molding. The new technology enabled designs of complex geometric shapes with a unique combination of high strength and light weight.
1968 Rehrig Pacific historic image
The dairy, beverage and baking industries were the first to realize the benefits of Rehrig Pacific’s new injection molding capabilities. Demand for milk cases led Rehrig to open a new manufacturing facility in Erie, PA to serve the Eastern United States.
1970 Rehrig Pacific historic image
This success allowed Rehrig to expand to new industry segments and prompted the design of innovative transport packaging across the Retail supply chain.
1973 Rehrig Pacific historic image
Rehrig Pacific opens a branch manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA in to serve Southeast United States.
1980 Rehrig Pacific historic image
Rehrig Pacific opens a branch manufacturing facility in Kenosha, WI to serve Midwest.
1981 Rehrig Pacific historic image
Rehrig Pacific opens a branch manufacturing facility in Dallas, TX to serve the South.
1987 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In the late 1980s, the realization of declining landfill capacity and growing environmental awareness all across the country drove curbside recycling to become an important component of the waste collection industry.
1992 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 1992, Rehrig Pacific line of Roll-out Carts was introduced. Growing partnerships led to a significant investment in plants and machinery to make and supply these large injection molded parts.
2000 Rehrig Pacific historic image
Rehrig Pacific opens a branch manufacturing facility in Desoto, KS, to help serve the Midwest.
2004 Rehrig Pacific historic image
By 2004, Rehrig Pacific recognized a growing demand from our partners for assistance with the management of the reusable transport packaging assets and one-way transport platforms that were being utilized throughout their supply chain.
2005 Rehrig Pacific historic image
Rehrig Pacific opens a branch manufacturing facility in Orlando, FL to help serve the Southeast.
2008 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2008, Rehrig Pacific introduced the Shed-pack Grape Crates are designed to transport grapes safely from the field to the cooler while extending their shelf life in the market
2010 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2010, Rehrig Pacific, introduced the PUBKEG a new one-way packaging alternative to metal kegs. By creating a one-way packaging option, Rehrig has eliminated deposit costs, tracking, and paperwork for brewers who own or lease kegs.
2010 Rehrig Pacific historic image
Rehrig Introduces a New Line of plastic rear load and front load commercial containers.
2012 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2012, Rehrig Pacific introduced new technology upgrades to Rehrig Pacific’s Container Asset Recovery Tracking System (C.A.R.T.S.) software program for municipalities and private waste haulers.
2013 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2013, Rehrig Pacific announces the launch of their new GMA Rackable Plastic Pallet. The new GMA Pallet is 100% recyclable and made from a high-density polyethylene resin using high-pressure injection molding that prevents moisture and bacteria absorption.
2014 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2014, Rehrig Pacific Introduces a New DSD System Solution. The DSD-GS solution is specifically designed to optimize beverage and other retail delivery applications.
2015 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2015, Rehrig Pacific introduces the New Egg RPC (Reusable Plastic Container). The new Egg RPC delivers on that promise, and we believe there is no better egg protection solution available to help producers and retailers minimize shrink.
2015 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In May 2015, Rehrig Pacific Company Announces the Launch of EnviroGuard, a New Organics Stream Solution. The EnviroGuard, primary focus was to provide a sustainable solution that addressed the common issues associated with Organics material collection — such as rodent intrusion, ergonomics and ease of use, collection efficiencies, and safety.
2017 Rehrig Pacific historic image
In 2017, Rehrig Pacific introduced the new Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart. The cart, engineered to withstand the efforts of even the most determined bears, is designed to help communities that struggle with the animals getting into residents’ waste.