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Meeting the Demands of Direct Store Delivery Just Got Easier

If you want to ensure smooth and efficient direct store delivery, you must start with the right material handling. Enter our Fusion™ Solutions, providing a wide range of delivery lifts, sleds, and corresponding pallets designed to make drivers' lives easier while streamlining the entire process.

Fusion™ For Direct Store Delivery

Can One Solution Do It All? Yes…It Can.

A lot has changed in recent years regarding direct store delivery. Systems developed in the 1970s were not meant to keep up with the demands of present day. That is why we spent a decade working with world-renowned brands to rethink how our products can make a difference – today.
Discover A Better Way To Do Delivery
Streamline your operations with Fusion™ - the most comprehensive and efficient solution tailored for industries that rely on direct store delivery.

Fusion Material Handling

Fusion Duo Lift
Fusion Duo Merchandiser

Fusion™ Duo Pallets

Fusion™ Duo Pallets

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