Broken pallets. Tired, frustrated drivers. Slow, inefficient offloading and down stacking. Delivering product from warehouse to store is a rough business. Systems developed in the 1970’s cannot compete with the demands of today. Enter Fusion® Delivery Solutions. Rehrig Pacific has spent a decade working with Fortune 500, world-renowned brands to rethink delivery from the ground up. The result is an entirely re-engineered platform designed for the modern delivery route, able to handle complex product lines, multiplying stores and demanding delivery schedules. By rethinking everything from pallet design to the lifts that move them, we have slashed delivery times to a fraction of their former selves and have proven success at boosting driver retention and cutting down on injuries. By 75%, specifically.

Fusion® by Rehrig Pacific is a delivery solution to bring your operations into the 21st century: an era of happier drivers, fewer injuries, and faster deliveries.

Welcome to the future.