While you focus on your core business of collection, processing and disposal; Rehrig Pacific is focused on building better products and services that are stronger and safer. Our sophisticated tracking system will empower you with information to make better business decisions in an effort to improve productivity & safety, reduce operating costs, and enhance the customer experience. That’s good news for the environment, and your business.

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  • Rehrig Pacific Infuriates Bears Nationwide

    Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading solutions provider headquartered in Los Angeles, debuts its new Bear-Resistant Roll-Out Cart at WasteCon 2017. The cart, engineered to withstand the efforts of even the most determined bears, is designed to help communities that struggle with the animals getting into residents’ waste.

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  • Closing the Loop with Recyclables

    Watch how Rehrig Pacific partners with waste companies to help communities reduce, reuse and recycle.

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