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Commercial Containers

Heavy-duty commercial collection stations for organic waste.

From Scraps to Sustainability

Organic waste, including discarded food, yard trimmings, and untreated wood, is a major landfill pollutant. Many are working to address this issue, as seen by the increasing regulations for commercial organics collection nationwide. Guided by sustainability, we've designed commercial containers with the strength and durability needed to help solve this problem.


Commercial Container Features



Traditional metal commercial containers present challenges due to their bulkiness, weight, rust susceptibility, and immobility, often complicating pickups. Our plastic-wheeled commercial containers offer a lightweight, durable alternative. Crafted to handle concentrated organic waste, these containers come in various sizes and feature both front and rear loading options, streamlining waste collection while ensuring safety and maneuverability.



These commercial containers are ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and sporting venues – essentially anywhere organic waste is prevalent. Our collection stations facilitate the recycling of organic waste, transforming it into valuable resources like compost and biofuel. This process not only curbs the release of methane but also contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change.


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