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Service Verification

Vision™ Software’s Service Verification confirms that drivers pick up on schedule, bins are in the right places, and work is getting done on time. This easy-to-use technology helps minimize loss, optimize efficiency, and improve resident communication and satisfaction.

It's all possible with Service Verification

Have visibility over your assets.

Reduce the number of routes.

Keep dispatchers accountable.


Waste and Recycling Without
Wasted Resources

Through an RFID reader, our Service Verification is used to scan smart enabled containers and capture vital information in real-time such as account information and GPS locations. With this information, dispatch can make immediate decisions regarding workflow and evaluate data to manage on-going logistics.



Reduce Expenses
  • Minimize container loss.
  • Improve collection efficiency.
  • Comply with municipal contract specifications.
  • Reduce installation and support costs.


Enhance Experiences
  • Improve response and resolution time.
  • Eliminate hardware/software integration issues.
  • Streamline implementation and servicing.


Identify Outstanding Accounts
  • Quickly identify nonpaying accounts.
  • Observe and bill overflows, extra pick-ups, etc.

Featured Case Studies

Taking the Bulk Out of Operations for Solterra

Solterra Recycling Solutions was looking for a way to improve their collection services. With operations spanning New Jersey and Philadelphia, they needed an efficient solution that could help minimize loss stemming from blindly canvassing streets or misreported pick-ups. Rehrig Pacific's VisionTM software allowed them to gain valuable insights into their cart movements and routes with the help of Service Verification - resulting in total savings of over $1 million within five years.

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Helping Taunton Grow Their Recycling Program

The City of Taunton modernized their waste and recycling program with VisionTM software, enabling them to monitor the quality of materials collected in residential containers. With RFID readers installed on trucks, drivers can now immediately report any contaminated carts during service routes. In-cab observation panels enhanced effectiveness. As a result, productivity increased and resources have been allocated to keep residents informed about contamination prevention.

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