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Bear Resistant

Easy for humans; bad for bears.

Trash Raiders Meet Their Match

It’s a fact that one’s trash is another’s treasure, and that couldn’t be more apparent than the evidence of critters and creatures digging through trash to find their midnight snack. However, this behavior usually leaves a big mess in the morning and a destroyed cart. That is why our bear-resistant roll-out carts are made to be durable and safe, with features that make it easy for humans to maneuver, yet extremely difficult for bears and other wildlife to compromise.


Designed for human convenience, the carts are equipped with ergonomic locking mechanisms. These mechanisms allow easy one-handed access, while preventing bears from using their claws, paws, or teeth to open the carts. When bears realize their efforts are in vain, they quickly lose interest and move on.


Our bear-resistant cart stands as the sole product in the market compatible with fully automated collection systems. This ensures that bears are kept at bay, eliminating the need for haulers to exit their trucks. Additionally, the cart is both ANSI compliant and certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Who Will Win?
Bears vs. Bear Cart

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95 Gallon Fully Automated Bear Resistant Roll-Out Cart
65 Gallon Fully-Automated Bear Resistant Roll-Out Cart

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