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Leading the Way Towards a Brighter Future


Responsibly  Moving Goods, Resources, And Ideas

 Since our founding, Rehrig Pacific has led the way with sustainable products and services. For over 100 years, we’ve partnered with companies to help them achieve their sustainability goals by offering reusable and recyclable products. We are pioneers, leading by example and facilitating our customers' participation in the Circular Economy.  

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Designing for Circularity  

Reusable products are more safe, durable, reusable, and recyclable at end of life. We design our products by using our customers' returns through our buyback program to reclaim plastic waste and enable a circular economy.

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More Sustainable materials

Carbon neutrality and regenerative economy goals are not easy to meet - that's why we are investing in research and development on materials. By taking reusable products to the next level with more sustainable materials, we are enabling customers to meet climate action plans without sacrificing quality or durability. 


Co-Injection Technology

Using our exclusive co-injection technology allows for a range of difficult-to-recycle plastics to make up the core of Rehrig Pacific’s waste and recycling carts, while achieving the desired external visual aesthetics and branding of the cart.

Vision® Technology

Our technology solution is critical to keeping the circular economy in motion by tracking and tracing assets throughout their lifetime to ensure their repair and reuse.

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Services & Sustainability

Our services teams are integral to the reuse aspect of sustainability, working diligently on roll-out cart repairs they ensure that our products extend their service field for as long as possible before coming back to be recycled into a new Rehrig Pacific roll-out cart - the circular economy in action! 


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