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Increased Visibility & Transparency

Visual Verification provides a two-camera system that captures visual evidence of services, or attempted services.

Features & Benefits

Improve Customer Service

Provides photographic proof that service was completed or attempted, records missing carts, and more.

Environmentally Responsible

Documents contamination, tracks illegal dumping, and helps identify non-compliance with environmental rules

Greater Driver Efficiency

Helps operators know the size and stream, plans work orders, and eliminates additional bulky pick-up canvasing

Easily document your services with visual evidence

Provide increased clarity for waste haulers and customers with the use of a two-camera system. With this solution, visual evidence of services, or attempted services, are easily documented and verified.

  • Captures service completion
  • Identifies curbside contaminants
  • Records bulky pick-ups
photo of trash pick up with camera

Gain Insights Into What Drives Your Operations

An Interactive View Into Collections, Work Orders, And Inventory Data 

Enables Users To Adjust Parameters To View On-Demand Dynamic Data

View Participation Rates By Stream And Route, Service, Or Trend Lines

Work Order
Display Information Most Valuable To Your Programs By Specific Data Sets

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