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Delivering Clarity to Waste and Recycling

Vision® Technology is a collection of advanced software applications and services for real-time tracking, route optimization, and service verification designed specifically for the waste industry. Our scalable and secure platform identifies opportunities for greater efficiency, resulting in better outcomes and happier residents. When it comes to improving waste and recycling management, our comprehensive solution is your one-stop shop for real-time asset tracking and improved ROI.

Vision® Technology Lets You
See the Full Picture

See what you are moving and how quickly you are moving it. Our software suite includes Work Order + Inventory, Service & Visual Verification, and Industrial Container Tracking.

Vision® Technology Says Yes

Say no to wasted time, piles of paper, and guessing where your assets are located. Say yes to seeing it all with Vision®.


Work Order + Inventory

Enables real-time confirmation of container movements without the need for manual reporting and provides visibility into container stock, inventory, and more.

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Service Verification

Confirms that drivers picked up on schedule, bins are left in the correct places, and work is getting done in real-time, allowing you to minimize loss and improve efficiency.

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Visual Verification

A two-camera system that captures service completion, identifies curbside contaminants, and records bulky pick-ups that provides visual evidence of services, or attempted services.

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Industrial Container Tracking

Allows you to keep an eye on some of your most valuable assets by letting you know where your containers are through an easy-to-use, adaptable interface.

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