No one in the country makes more residential roll-out carts than Rehrig Pacific. It is the century of experience that helped us understand how to do it best. We do more than sell you a cart: we help you track it, optimize it, fix it and manage it with our digital and software products. Keeping in touch with our customers has helped us innovate solutions like the world’s only fully automated bear proof cart. When municipalities and haulers need new carts, they think Rehrig Pacific.

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Co-Injection Technology

Co-Injection Technology allows for a range of difficult-to-recycle plastics to make up the core of Rehrig Pacific’s waste and recycling carts, while never changing the external visual aesthetics and branding of the cart.


Putting a lid on waste.

Everything Rehrig Pacific makes is reusable. But we’ve taken that a step further by obsessing over sustainability in our approach. We pioneered a previously impossible process to build our carts out of an unprecedented 40% recycled material, without sacrificing strength or curb appeal. Because we have seven plants nationwide, our freight lanes are the shortest in the business, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. We have a best-in-class R&D lab leading the way in figuring out what we can build our carts out of next, from bulky rigid plastic like patio chairs and laundry hampers, to tough materials like ocean waste and discarded rope.

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