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Keep Your Assets In Sight

If you want to improve productivity, amplify job quality, and reveal new profit opportunities, start with Asset Tracker, part of the VisionĀ® Technology Platform. Asset Tracker closely monitors your inventory around the clock to give you up-to-the-minute status reports on your shipments.

VisionĀ® Technology Asset Tracker

Our 24/7 monitoring solution leverages advanced RFID, GPS, and barcode technologies to easily track your goods in real-time.

RFID Based Asset Tracking

Monitors performance conditions in real-time and delivers critical data for informed decision-making.

Responsive Reporting

Provides actionable insights, such as precise asset locations and inventory balances - empowering businesses to increase efficiency.

Results-Driven Data

Enables organizations to lower costs, optimize inventory levels, and decrease downtime - leading to improved asset distribution.


See the Whole Picture

An Interactive View Into Asset Location, Dwell Time, and Turns 

Enables Users To Adjust Parameters To View On-Demand Dynamic Data

Display Information Most Valuable To Your Programs By Specific Data Sets


How a Food Service Distributor Used Rehrig Pacific’s Asset Tracker to Improve Pallet Utilization

For the food distribution industry, efficiency and safety come first. To address these needs, a leading distributor piloted Rehrig’s Vision® Technology Asset Tracker Solution for three months. With actionable real-time data gathered 24/7, this solution allowed for improved selection speed, trailer loading efficiency, efficient use of warehouse space, and safer working conditions, resulting in a considerable amount of time and money saved.

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